Under what needs do you take credit?

Over the last few years, the number of citizens who have decided to take advantage of the innovative fast loan service has grown significantly. Thanks to this type of service, the standard of living of families in our country improves for a certain period of time, after which the debt is over, having the ability to withdraw all this joy.

Not a few of us who go to finance for the simple reason that they want to do a repair in their home that they have been postponing for a long time. Another part of the citizens are applying for a loan that will serve them for treatment, education, traveling abroad, temporarily filling a hole in the budget or otherwise.

What does the statistics show?

According to the statistics, it is clear that the capital has the largest number of borrowers. There, unemployment is significantly lower, in relation to other provincial cities, and people do not feel anxious to repay their debt.

Of course Sofia is followed by other big cities in the country like Plovdiv, Varna, Stara Zagora, Burgas. The smallest is the number of people living in Kardzhali and Smolyan.

It is no secret to anyone that people in less-populated cities are satisfied with what they have, while the capitalists, for example, decide to embark on their dreams and achieve their goals thanks to fast loans .

What is the main reason for people benefiting from funding?

In our country, we are applying for loans to cover the cost of repairing the dwelling. It is undisputed that a large part of the population relies on non-bank financial assistance companies to help them either to repair the roof, partially refresh or to completely replace the furniture.

Secondly, the debtors of banks or non-bank institutions who refinance their obligations are ranked. As much as you can not believe, buying a car is also one of the main reasons for using this type of service. Perhaps you have noticed how today you rarely meet a citizen who does not have his own vehicle. Of course, a light car does not cost a fortune. It is usually between 2,500 – 4,000 BGN. As part of the amount is raised by lending.

Last but not least, cases that occur suddenly – treatment, urgent travel, car repair or other. Often families in our country do not have the means to be set aside. Under such circumstances, we need financial support.

What are the age ratios?

Statistics show that the number of borrowers between 30 and 50 years is the highest in the last few years. You probably guess why retirees are not supporters of this service? With their minimal financial revenues they can not afford the luxury of applying for quick money. Students are also a large percentage, but they are often denied because they have unsustainable financial stability.

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