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Triangle Native American Society

TNAS LogoPurpose of Triangle Native American Society Scholarship

  • The scholarship fund was established in 1985 to assist Native American students interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree. The primary focus of the program is to provide financial assistance to those students who can demonstrate a commitment to Native American people and opportunities for American Indians to better their lives through academic achievement and community involvement. More than twenty-five Native American students have benefited from this program and have gone on to careers in engineering, law, education, allied heath and medicine. These students have served their communities as volunteers in churches and community organizations and as mentors and role models to younger students within their respective communities. We believe such efforts benefits communities as a whole across our state.

  • Scholarship recipients are American Indian students in their sophomore, junior and senior years of study.
  • Triangle Native American Society (TNAS) was founded in 1984 to provide assistance and support for Native Americans in the Triangle and surrounding area and was incorporated as a non-profit tax-exempt organization in 1985. Since its inception, TNAS has endeavored to promote and protect the Native American identity in the Triangle area by increasing the public's awareness of the cultural and economic contributions made by Native Americans and enhancing the public recognition of the needs of Native Americans.

Eagle Feather Image The TNAS Scholarship Application is available now for download by clicking on the highlighted link above. The application deadline is June 10 of each year. The Scholarship Committee, in conjunction with the Executive Committee of Triangle Native, will review all applications submitted and notify awardees of the scholarship by the last Saturday in July via telephone.

  • If you would like to make a donation to the scholarship fund. Checks may be made payable to the Triangle Native American Society Scholarship Fund and mailed to:

    Triangle Native American Society Scholarship Fund
    Triangle Native American Society
    P.O. Box 26841
    Raleigh, NC 27611
  • If you have any questions about making a donation please e-mail our Treasurer Ms. Gwen Locklear by clicking on her name.


peach brown round bulletThanks to you our 19th Annual Native American Scholarship Gala was a success!

Please Continue to check this site for pictures from the scholarship gala. Until then please view images from last year's gala

Click Here to be connected to the gala page!


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peach brown round bullet1. The time to start thinking about scholarships and grants is not at the last minute.† Start thinking about scholarships and grants at the same time you are considering schools and preparing for SATís.† (Plus it helps to have and maintain your grades well above average when you are seeking academic-based financial aid).

peach brown round bullet2. Visit your high school guidance counselor and speak with him or her about your interest in getting information about any scholarships or grants for which you may be eligible.† Do not do this just one time. Continue to make follow up visits to your counselor throughout the year because new information about resources for school can come in at any time in the school year. Remember, you are on a quest for financial aid; you cannot wait for people to come to you to give you financial aid.

peach brown round bullet3. Do your own research for financial aid!

  • You are very fortunate that you can access Internet financial aid search databases wherein you can answer a questionnaire and they will sift through all the sources for only those that apply to your situation.† It is much easier than the book searches I had to do in the past- it was real research.†
  • You may think it may take a while to complete the questionnaires, but it is so well worth your time when you see the scholarship information that they yield.

TNAS Logo Below are a few Financial Aid Internet Web Sites you can use in your search for financial aid for school:

  1. Fast Aid
  2. FastWeb
  3. Financial Aid Org
  4. Free Scholarship Information
  5. Collegenet
  6. SRNExpress
  7. College Board Organization
  8. Sallie Mae (this may sound like it is all about loans, but it is not- this site has an excellent scholarship search engine)
  9. College Quest
  10. College Foundation of North Carolina(This is NC's Excellent Gateway for Financial Aid!)
  11. Peterson's Financial Information

TNAS Logo Other links:

TNAS LogoScholarship Pages

  1. Gates Millennium Scholarship
  2. Scholarships for American Indians- courtesy of University of Miami
  3. Native American Financial Aid- courtesy of Eastern Oregon University
  4. Native Health Education Fund
    1701 Pleasant Green Road
    Durham, NC 27705
    (919) 383-1038 phone or fax

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peach brown round bullet4. You have visited your counselor, visited the websites, so now what do you do?† Organize your information, prepare correspondence, and begin to complete applications.

TNAS LogoOrganize Information. It helps to keep all financial aid information in one binder.† All the information you will need is there in one place.†

  1. One section of this binder/notebook could be set aside for scholarships/grants/financial aid applications you have obtained from your counselor or through correspondence. †Placing the applications in descending application deadline date order would also be helpful.
  2. Another section could be set aside for the financial aid Internet search results. Using this method, you can record when you requested an application, when the application was received, whether the scholarship did/not apply to you and rejections received.
  3. The last section could be a place to keep copies of:†(a) completed scholarship applications, (b) scholarship essays, and (c) other additional information that may be requested to complete scholarship applications (e.g., copies of tribal enrollment card, admission letters of college acceptance, and school transcripts).† The benefit of keeping this information is that you will have it to refer to later and it will save you the trouble of locating this information later.† (Also, you may want to consider saving any word-processed scholarship essays in a separate folder in your word-processing program.)

TNAS LogoPrepare Correspondence

  • For Help and Reference with Grammar/Writing/English: Visit BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper English Page this is an excellent site with links that will help you in your letter and essay preparation. (Don't think it is just for kids because it is on the Discovery Channel Website/ it has links that will help college students!)
  • Letters: Save all word-processed letters in a separate folder in your word-processing program for additional ease.
  • Addressing: Always use titles of address to show respect where appropriate (ex:† Mrs./ Ms./ Miss/The Honorable/Rev./Dr. /Mr., etc.)
  • Financial Aid Application Request:† Here is a sample letter format for requesting more information from the organizations identified from your Internet searches:


    Month, Day, Year

    Organizationís Name
    Organizationís Address

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    I am (Your Name), an American Indian (describe here who you are a high school/college/graduate student, teacher/what profession).† I have been accepted at (Name of Your University) and I plan to pursue a (tell what degree) in (tell what major).

    (If you have any other special considerations that would be beneficial to inform the organization of concerning the application, ex: if your mother/father was a veteran or an employee of this organization this would be good to let them know very briefly).

    Please forward an application and any other additional information concerning your financial aid program for higher education.† Your time and effort is greatly appreciated.


    Your Name
    Your Address
    Your Phone Number
    Your E-mail Address
    Enc: SASE (Enclosing a self-addressed stamped envelope, SASE, is very important. You are seeking financial aid, help them to get the information you need!)

  • Letters of recommendation. Here is a sample letter for requesting letters of recommendation.

Month Day, Year

Individualís Name
Individualís Position/Title
Organizationís Address

Dear Individualís Name:

I am applying for a scholarship from (name of organization, organization address here) and I would like to ask you for a letter of recommendation to accompany the request.

(Give here all the information your reference will need about the organization and the scholarship in this part of the letter.† Include copies of information on the organization.† Remember, the purpose of this letter is to get a letter of recommendation from this individual and as such you need to supply them with the best information you can so they can write the best letter of recommendation about you for you.† If it would help, include a copy of your resume, a list of your accomplishments, awards, etc.)

Enclosed is a self addressed stamped envelope so you can send the recommendation with your signature across the seal to my home so I can mail the recommendation along with the application by (date that is at least 6 weeks before the application due date so you donít have to worry about getting late recommendations).†

Your help is greatly appreciated! If you have questions or need more information, please feel free to contact me by phone (give #) or email (give email address).


Your Name
Your Address
Your Phone Number
Your E-mail Address

Enc: SASE (and any other documentation you need to attach)

TNAS LogoComplete applications

  1. Always make a copy of your blank applications to complete first before you actually type on the original.† This way you have a guide to type from and you will not make mistakes.†If you do make mistakes you have a blank application you can use to start again. Again, by keeping a financial aid binder, you will have most of the information organized that may be requested on the application being completed.
  2. Essays: make sure your essay addresses what the application asks, is clear and is understandable.† Include in your essay information about how you will use the funds to contribute to society and in your Indian community. That is the ultimate goal of scholarships and grants - to help you so you will in turn be better able to contribute and give back to others.† Be sure to save your essays in your word processing program.† Sometimes essays can be recycled or they can be used as a starting place for new ideas as you write.

peach brown round bullet5. Always complete a "Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASA)."† This comes from the US Department of Education, Student Financial Assistance web site†and is used by the school's financial aid office to evaluate not only financial need, but other resources the university has for which you may be eligible.

peach brown round bullet6. Keep in mind as you conduct your financial aid search that the worst they can tell you is "no." Why? If you do not ask or try, you will never know if you could have gotten the scholarship that you applied for.† It is better to deal with rejection, but regret is much harder.

Happy and Successful Scholarship Hunting!

peach brown round bulletTNAS Contact Information:
Triangle Native American Society
P.O. Box 26841
Raleigh, NC 27611

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