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The Lumbee-Cheraw is the largest tribe of federally unrecognized Native Americans east of the Mississippi River!† There are Native Americans in your classroom and you probably donít even know it!† Forget the stereotype of what you have been conditioned to believe a Native American should look like, it is false.† (Click to Be Linked to Help Dispel the Stereotypes!)

Consider this, as with any other population of people, there are different characteristics that make people individually unique.† Why should Native Americans be any different?† They are not; we may have different hair types (straight, curly, wavy, blonde, black, brown, red, etc.).† Our skin tones also vary in color fair to dark as well as our eye color (brown, black, blue, green, hazel).† Many of us have European names, due to assimilation and our various tribal and family heritages.† Although we are readily identified as people of color it is difficult for some teachers to identify us as Native Americans due to stereotypes and the unfortunate belief that American Indians are artifacts of the past.† We are not artifacts we are members of this democracy and are contributing individuals to this great society.†

peach brown round bulletNative Americans Here In North Carolina That Are Leaders and Achievers!

Dr. Zoe W. Locklear, Lumbee-Cheraw, Associate Superintendent, Leadership Development and Special Services with the NC Department of Public Instruction

Dr. Zoe W. Locklear

Rosa Winfree, Lumbee-Cheraw Tribal Representative for District 16, President of the Board of Directors for Catching the Dream


Jana Sampson, Lumbee-Cheraw singer, Native American Music Award (NAMMYís) 2001-2002 Winner

Jana Entertainer/Singer

Lorna McNeill, former Miss North Carolina, visit her website

Ms. NC Lorna McNeill

peach brown round bulletTo Find Out More About Native Americans Here In North Carolina These Are Invaluable Links:

        North Carolina Commission of Indian Affairs Web Site

        Official web site of the of the Lumbee-Cheraw tribe

        LRDA's Lumbee Pathways website has excellent sources and information

        Glenn Ellen Starr Stilling's The Lumbee Indians: An Annotated Bibliography Supplement website has a pretty comprehensive source of information about the Lumbee Indians

         Please visit the Lumbee River Fund Site concerning collecting and documenting Lumbee History

       Malinda Maynor's Site about Lumbee History and its relation to Faith- Sounds of Faith

       NC State's Article about Lumbee Indians search for cultural recognition on campus, in nation

        Metrolina Native American Association

        Official homepage of the Waccamaw-Siouan Tribe

        Official homepage of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians

        North Carolina Towncreek Indian Mound

        UNC-Pembroke's Native American Resource Center's Web Page- it is like a mini tour!

        Native American Fact Page from the North Carolina Commission on Indian Affairs, specifically the information for elementary school students is of interest.


peach brown round bulletExcellent Links To Learn More About Native Americans

        National Museum of the American Indian Web Page and their very rich and extensive Links Page

        This is a webquest on Native Americans sponsored by the Carnegie Museum


peach brown round bulletResources for Teachers in Teaching Native American Students and These Same Suggestions Are Good Teaching Practices For All Students

        Here is an Excellent Source from North Carolinaís State Advisory Council on Indian Education† Pathways to the 21st Century

        North Carolina Department of Public Instructionís 2000 Closing the Gap Conference Session:† American Indian Students - Surviving in a High School That Works-a K-12 Effort

        North Carolina Department of Public Instructionís 2000 Closing the Gap Conference Session:† Indians of North Carolina: A View from the Shore


peach brown round bulletLinks that Inform About Native American History:† What You Were Never Taught

        Profit, Power, & Privilege: The Racial Politics of Ancestry


peach brown round bulletNative American Audio Links

        Listen to Native Radio at Native American Public Telecommunications

       Listen to Samples of Jana's Music at CDNOW

        Listen to Storytelling of the North Carolina Native Americans a project by Bryan Acree, John Ikeda, and Marcela Musgrove

        More Music Audio Links at Al Intra's Native American Web-Sites+ and her comprehensive page of Native American musicians (note there are some Non-Native musicians listed as well)


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